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Bridesmaid dresses: When to shop for bridesmaid dresses

Whether you’ve chosen your wedding venue, or you’re looking to lock in a wedding date, shopping for your bridesmaid dresses is an important step in the planning process. The sooner you choose your bridesmaids, the sooner you can all go wedding dress and bridesmaid dress shopping together.

And let’s be honest, making sure your bridal party looks just as fabulous as you do when walking down the aisle is important, and you’ll want to make sure you get photos with everyone after tying the knot.

But when is too early to start bridesmaid dress shopping? As a rule of thumb, you should order bridesmaid dresses six months before your wedding. This will allow enough time for the dresses to be made, shipped, and allow for fittings in a timely manner.

But bridesmaid dress shopping is no easy feat, and chances are, you’re dealing with different budgets, body types, and style preferences. While it’s undoubtedly a challenging process, it doesn’t need to be stressful. In fact, if you go about it the right way, shopping for bridesmaid dresses can be very enjoyable!

Order your own wedding dress first

Before you even start thinking about bridesmaid dresses, you need to order your own bridal gown. You can start shopping as early as you want, but to be safe, it’s best to order your wedding dress at least nine months in advance of the big day. If you’re having a custom gown made for you, order it a year ahead of time. And then you can turn your focus solely to your bridesmaid dresses.

Start your search for bridesmaid dresses online

Shopping for your bridesmaid dresses online can save you a whole lot of running around. Instead of going from shop to shop to find the right design, you can do a quick search online and nail down the exact look that suits not only your own wedding dress but also fits with the décor of your chosen wedding venue.

Talk openly with your bridesmaids about your budget

Don’t put off having the budget chat with your bridesmaids! Outline exactly how much you’re willing to spend on bridesmaid dresses from day one. It will determine where you shop and the style of dress you choose. Luckily, bridesmaids today have a variety of gorgeous options at any price point, whether they choose to buy off the rack or opt for custom designer frocks.

Remember to factor in alteration costs for bridesmaid dresses

Many bridal parties end up finding they need their bridesmaid dresses altered before the big day. In addition to hemming and size adjustments, a tall bridesmaid might need extra length added to her dress. Bring shoes and accessories to your initial fitting and remember there’s often an additional cost associated with extra length.

Let’s go shopping!

The more bridesmaids you intend to have, the more complicated the shopping process can be. Whether you’re having four or fourteen girls walk down the aisle, it’s best to start shopping for bridesmaid dresses with one or two key decision makers to help you narrow down your vision. Once you’ve chosen a few potential styles that you love, gather all your girls together for a fun shopping experience followed by a mid-day brunch or a night out on the town!

Do you wish to make a bridal party booking?

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