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How to keep shopping for bridesmaid dresses fun and stress-free

Shopping for bridesmaid’s dresses can be a fun experience. But you just need to make sure you have it all planned out BEFORE you set off. Or bridesmaid shopping can quickly turn catastrophic. Below are some top tips on how to make your bridesmaid shopping experience fun and stress-free:

Schedule appointments at your favourite bridesmaid dress stores

Before you even take your bridesmaids shopping, make sure you schedule appointments in each bridal store. This way you’ll be organised and you won’t waste time going to a bridal store that is too busy to assist you. There is nothing worse than being turned away and being forced to reschedule the entire bridesmaid shopping experience.

Figure out your favourite styles

We highly recommend you bring all of your bridesmaids to the first appointment, this way, we can get everything sorted there and then. We have all shapes and sizes available, all of our bridesmaids’ dresses carry a small size and a large size. The reason why we have done this is so we don’t waste time and so you can see what the dress looks like on different shaped bodies.

Make sure your bridesmaids are prepared

Before you hit the bridal shops, you might want to remind your bridesmaids to wear or at the very least bring nude seamless underwear, strapless bras and shape-wear with them. It can be difficult to see how nice a dress really is with ugly bra straps hanging out! Shoes are also a good idea! Especially nude heels. It completes the whole bridesmaid look and makes for an easier decision-making process.

Remember to budget, budget, BUDGET!

You must, without a doubt, have a strict budget and be upfront with all your bridesmaids before you go shopping. Also keep in mind that alterations can be costly, and, most likely, each dress will need to be altered to fit each body shape and height. That’s why it’s so important for bridesmaid dress alterations to be factored into your budget when shopping for bridesmaid dresses.

Listen to your bridesmaids

Above all else, listen to your bridesmaids. You want to make sure they feel comfortable with what they’re wearing. And if they’re paying for their own outfit, you want to make sure they’re comfortable with the spend. Everyone has different body shapes, which you need to take into consideration. This may result in you doing a mix and match combination of styles, or the same style bridesmaid gowns with different necklines.

Are you ready to book in for a dress fitting for your bridesmaids?

At Adelaide Brides and Bloom, we look forward to helping you find your dream bridesmaid dresses. Making the entire shopping experience an enjoyable, memorable moment, we have a range of stunning options to choose from. Draw inspiration from some of your designs online. Or, give us a call on 0483 932 414 to arrange an appointment today!

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