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When to start shopping for your wedding dress

If done the right way, wedding dress shopping can be a truly fun experience! It’s that golden opportunity to hit the shops, ready to find the dress you’ve always dreamed of. But the big question is, how soon is too soon the start thinking about making that wedding dress purchase? Well, first you need to factor in your personal goals. Next, you need to take a good look at the schedule and availability of bridal stores.

Here at Brides and Bloom, we want you to have a magical lead up to your wedding day. So, we’ve popped together a go-to-guide for when you should start wedding dress shopping and when you should order your gown to you ensure you don’t miss out.

Start wedding dress shopping one year out from your big day

Ideally, you want to hit the wedding dress shops at least one year out from your planned wedding date. This gives you enough time to assess all your options and try on all your favourite designers. A custom-made dress, order, or off-the-rack purchase are all achievable within a one-year timeframe. If you happen to start wedding dress shopping earlier than 12 months out, try not to order anything just yet. We know it can be exciting, but you want to give yourself more leeway down the track.

What if I lose or gain weight?

We know that body image can be a major stress for couples and brides leading up to their big day. We would love for everyone to be the happiest they can be in their body on their wedding day. But we also know that this isn’t always the case. Even if you plan to drastically change your weight, you should still start shopping one year out, then you can factor your goals into the size you choose to purchase. There is always the option to alter your dream dress before your wedding day. Just remember, it’s always easier to take material out of a dress to size it down than it is to size it up.

When should I purchase a custom-made gown?

If your dream is to purchase a gown made especially for you, the best bet is to lock this in some nine to 12 months before your wedding day. This will give you plenty of time to discuss your vision. It will also give the store enough time to put the dress together. Custom-made wedding dresses usually take around six months to design and customise. You should also factor extra time required for dress fittings before and after your design is made from scratch.

Are you ready to start shopping?

The day has arrived, you’re 12 months out from your big day and you’re ready to start shopping for your dream dress. Grab your girl gang and head to Brides and Bloom. We’ll look after you! Striving to make your wedding dress experience as fun and as stress-free as possible, we’re located at 42-48 Garden Terrace, Mawson Lakes. Give us a call to arrange a fitting today on 0483 932 414. We’re ready to assist you.

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